Motherhood – Bridging Ayurveda and modular science.

As we know Ayurveda, a thousand years old ancient healthcare tradition,  evolved over the years and integrated with our traditional practices. We follow for newborns but being a first-time mommy, I was always confused about whether to follow ancient methods […]

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Cherish your memories !!!

Now a days I’m writing ✍️ emails to my toddler, Yes!! you read it correct, to my toddler !!! As a parent, we do cherish every moment with our little ones, In every day – every moment there will be […]

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Maternity Pillow – Great when you are bigger.

Maternity Pillow – Great when you are bigger. In pregnancy, it’s tough to get continuous sleep for a number of reasons. One major cause of restlessness is finding a safe and comfortable position for sleeping. As your belly grows, a […]

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